Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christmas... Yep, Christmas!

I can't believe I am posting about Christmas in February, but better late than never!

We went over to Cory's parents house for Christmas this year. Santa left the boys their presents over there, so we just woke them up, and headed out for the day! What a blast!

I didn't know if Bo would really like Christmas this year, but holy cow, I was WRONG!

Bo got "Elmo Live" and when he opened it, he just squealed! He was so excited he couldn't even believe his luck! He just loved it!

He tried to wait patiently for his dad to get him out of the box, but those dang toys wire those suckers in there, so it took a minute...

But while he was waiting he kept pushing the button to make it work, and I'm pretty sure this face says it all! Look at that happy kid!!

Our Cody is NOT a morning person at all, (I wonder who he gets that from!), so it took him a second to wake up and realize what was going on...

He got a Barn, and some animals. Being the animal lover that he is, this was the PERFECT gift for him. He opened his barn animals, and just liked to look at them for a minute.

Then he wanted to take them out of the box.

He waited for dad to once again get those stinkin' toys out of the boxes...

This is him "smiling" for the camera...

Finally, they got everything out of the packages, and Cody was in HEAVEN!! He and his dad went over to the landing, and began to set up his "Farm". He had everything in it's place, and all the animals grouped together by what they were, and he could have cared less if the world had folded up around him, he was in his happy place. He played there for hours! I must say, Santa hit the nail on the head this year!! He had two very satisfied customers!

Look at this! He was so worn out from all the excitement, he just fell asleep in the middle of the floor, holding on to one of his toys! What a great Christmas!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Puppy LOvE!

Cory & Cody went outside today to enjoy the nice weather and to get a little puppy time in.
This boy is in Puppy Heaven!! 7 Pups to do his bidding and play with him!

He let them all out of there play pen, and got them all to chase him!

They chased him all over the yard!

Of course, then he was pooped and had to take a breather with grandpa on the back porch.

But then he was up for some rough housing!

Pups climbing all over him!

It doesn't even bother him that he has seven slobbery dogs climbing all over him!

Usually when he gets the pups out, he takes them over to the lawn and tries to line them all up so he can read to them. He gets so mad when they won't stay in line and look at his book!

I think he may have given up on trying to keep them in order, he just likes them to maul him to death! Look at those puppy kisses!

Time to go to work!! It's time to get down to business. Cody pulls out the raccoon hide, and takes it over to the puppies, I guess it was time to work his pups the way he sees his dad work the big dogs! He wants to be just like him! It's hilarious!

Here are the dogs with the most potential apparently!
And after a big "Father/Son" day, they both fall sound asleep right in the middle of the floor!

Horsin' Around...

My animal Lover at it again!

Just some fun pictures of Cody lovin' his horses!!

Calling in the horses...

So excited that they came when he called them!!

Given' em a "Good Boy!"