Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feelin' "Birdie"!

The opening of the Pheasant Hunt was this weekend. Of course the "Opening" can never be missed! So Cory headed out with his dad & brother's and few others to get their limit. Everyone got their birds, and then the men headed to Warr Memorial for the traditional Erda Burger.

Finally, my hubs came home only to show of his Kills to his boys! Bo didn't really care, but Cody was all over it!

I think we have a future hunter on our hands!

And here he is taking the birds out to his dad to start the cleaning process...

Cody was not afraid to just take control of those birds! But Bo didn't want to miss out!

Holding up the birds for a photo op...

And then he decided he wasn't done with his birds, so he took them back in the house!

Hmmm...Playing with dead birds and letting them in the house?! Where is this kids mother?!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We went to the annual Erda Trunk-or-Treat last night at the drive in. It's always fun to see everyone in there costumes, and let the kids trick-or-treat. Of course my children have no interest in trick-or-treating, they just like to sit and eat the candy we bring to give away. This year, Cody was the candy monitor. I don't think he liked giving his candy away, but he didn't protest too much. I am so happy the weather cooperated so we could have a good time.

Cody was my little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael, however, he was so embarrassed to wear his costume! He liked putting it on at home, but the minute I said to get in the car he was ripping that sucker off! He couldn't believe I wanted him to leave the house dressed like that!

Here is Cody, at home, where he enjoyed the dressing up...

He even posed for me to get a full body picture!

Here is our little Pirate boy! He had no trouble putting on his costume and asking for candy!

And here is our half-turtle. Seriously! He would not let us put his costume back on him in public!

Bo showing his moves... He jumps in a circle! :)

Cody just loungin' by the car, watching all the kids. He was seriously so happy, he just didn't want to wear his costume, or go trick-or-treating!

Bo just loved being outside, and when he got tired of our candy, he took off and got his own! Not with his bag to save the candy! He just saw people handing it out, so he went and got it, and ate it! I just watched him to see what he would do, and he didn't disappoint. I don't think he made a sound, he just stood in front of some dude with candy until he handed him some!

Cody finally let us put the Shell on, but nothing else!

and it only lasted long enough for him to put his stuff down to take it off again!

My mom, Bo, and I passin' out the goods!

I wanted a picture with both my boys, so I put Cody's shell back on and tried to get him to take a picture. How do you think it turned out?

The boys kickin' back with grandma & grandpa. Cody watching everyone, and Bo stuffing his face as fast as he can! I think he kept waiting for someone to tell him no, but it's Halloween!

And last, but not least, Cody wouldn't wear his own costume, but Jaxson was a dinosaur, and he let Cody try on the head to his costume! Cody LOVED it!! When it was time for them to go home, he cried because he didn't want to take his head off! Who can figure this kid out!?

He does make a pretty cute dino though!