Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guess Who's "3"!?

I can't believe my little boy is 3 years old!

Cody is so much fun these days! He's starting to talk a lot more which is a huge relief, but at the same time a huge stress! The boy is a parrot! I have to be really careful about what I say, and I didn't realize how bad my mouth is! I guess we'll be cleaning things up in the Huntsman House!

We are still working on Potty Training, since we just can't get it down. I don't know if his stubborn streak comes from his dad, or from me, but it's a mean one! Everything is on "Cody Time" but once he decides to do it, he does it with passion, and he's fantastic! Cody loves to sing, and when he hears music, he just can't help but dance! His favorite songs are "ABC's" & "Old MacDonald" (the only animal on the farm is a Cow!). He is just such a crack up, and loves being outside playing with all our animals. (He still thinks he is an animal). We are so grateful to have Cody in our family and love him so much! He brings so much happiness to anyone he meets, and has the sweetest, softest heart!

Happy Birthday Code Man! We Love You!

The "Birthday Boy"

Of Course we had to have Pizza! It's Cody's favorite, and one of the 3 things he will eat!

Cody got a Big Wheel from Grandma & Grandpa Huntsman, as you can see it was a HUGE hit... With Bo! I think Bo just claimed it as his!

Cody did get to play with it earlier in the day, so he was okay with his little brother taking it over!

And what kind of Birthday would it be without jumping on the bed with Jax?! Two little monkeys!

Cody really got the 'present' thing this year. He got so excited to open his presents and his reaction to everything he got was classic... "Woooow!" (I wonder who he got that from!)

Still opening...
And there it is! Complete Joy! I love his ZEST!

As of late, he has developed a love of guns and shooting people. Should I be worried?
Little Skater Boy!
Grandma got him this card with Shrek on it that sings when you open it. The minute she opened it Cody just had to start dancing! He just can't help it!

"TMNT" the Moomie (Movie)

And of Course... Drum Roll Please!

What do Redneck parents get their Redneck son for his birthday?

GOATS! Live Goats!! That is what our 3 year old got from his parents!

He was ecstatic! I just don't think he knew what to think! He was overwhelmed with excitement! It was hilarious!!

Our neighbors had a couple "kids", so we thought, Why Not?!

We got him a boy and a girl 'Bonnie' & 'Clyde'.

He just kept laughing about his goats! And yes, they got to come in the house!

They baaa, and Cody laughs, and now the 'Old MacDonald' song includes a Cow & a Goat!

Of Course Bo had to get in on the action! He loves them too!

They are a really cute pair!

I think "Lenny" makes them nervous!
Those poor goats just have no idea what's in store for them!

At least the little one tries to be soft!

Yah, that's not redneck at all...

Oh great! They climb! Fun!

Taking a little break from the Goats to have the tickle treatment from uncle Mark!

And back to the goats! Apparently it needed a little love!

Cody loves to sing "Happy Birthday" and he was even more excited that we were singing it to him, and he got to blow out the candles!!

I just don't think he wanted it to end! He LOVES his birthday!

He just wanted to get his fingers in that cake!

My mom was in charge of the cake again this year, so of course it turned out FABULOUS!
She even put Goats on it!

The Goats found shelter in the entertainment center.
Yep, this my life!

And another break for the awesome racetrack his Aunt Sally gave him!
I don't care if I am their mom. I have two of the cutest kids EVER!!!


The cars race around the track and they crash! What could be better? Sally always gives awesome presents, but usually she gives them and then she's gone.  This time, she stayed and put together her present!  We'll see what she gives him next year! ha ha

Bo with Grandpa.

And, the ice cream!

Cody & Jaxson were in heaven! It was a really fun Party!

And here is Cody trying to stop his brother from touching his stuff!  Did I say he was 'starting' to love his brother and play well with him???

And then Cody realized where the Goats were, and decided they needed to play some more!

Dad had to rescue poor Clyde!

So they moved over!  And yes, that little goat climbed up there all by himself!  They are the funniest little animals!  Just like puppies, only climbing ones!
And then it was time to feed those little babies!  A little comic relief!  We got this gigantic bottle, it was so big, it just wouldn't work, so we pulled out one of Bo's real bottles, that he still uses I might add, and tried to feed the goats with that.

Okay, so Bo saw this gigantic bottle, and thought he had died and gone to heaven!  He just had to give it a try!
What kind of mother am I you might ask?  The kind that see's her baby trying to drink a bottle that was made for a goat and hurry's to get my camera so I can get a picture!!

Seriously!  So Freaking Funny!!

And there it is!  Something is Amiss!  Bitter Beer?  Nope, just GOAT MILK!
Poor Bo Baby!  I'm sorry I use you strictly for comic relief!

And there you have it!  Our version of a Redneck Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cody!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I love Easter! We have had specific Easter traditions in my family ever since I can remember, but this year, things were a little different. With my mom being handicap, and Rob & Heather up from St. George, and the weather so crazy, this Easter ended up being a last minute scramble! I waited until SATURDAY to do my Easter shopping! Never Again! Every store we went to was Cleaned out of ALL Easter candy! We went to 4 or 5 places to get enough candy to fill our baskets, but I must say, my dad saved the day when he told us to go to some "little pharmacy in West Valley that not many people know about". We had nothing to lose, so we trusted him. The "Little Pharmacy" turned out to be a Super Savors Warehouse that Tons of people know about, but, low & behold, we Struck Gold!! We got everything we needed, and Saved our Easter! Thanks Dad!!

And, being the brain dead mother I am, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of my boys dying Easter eggs, which Cody LOVED and Bo had NO interest in, or of the Easter Egg hunt we went to that was sponsored by my Ward, which neither of my boys really cared about, but had a blast none-the-less. Bo just liked picking up the eggs and throwing them, and Cody liked kicking the eggs he found. Karlee however, found one of the "Silver Eggs" and so won one of four Big prizes! I think Rob was more excited about it than Karlee...

Easter Morning...

Cody's Basket

Bo's Basket

Easter Morning, Bo was THRILLED! Candy, Candy, Candy! And, yes, I let them have their candy for breakfast!

We went to Cory's parents house first for a little Easter Egg Hunt and lunch with the Huntsman's. Once again, my boys had no interest in the "Hunt", but Loved being with all the kids, and playing in the Pond.

I love my boys' Easter Outfits. I thought they looked so dang cute! However, Cody only wore his for a total of 3 minutes, before he found the ONLY piece of dog crap on 10 acres and managed to smear it all over his leg, and his arm, and his shirt!

Since he was the only child that managed to find the poop, he was the only child that spent Easter Afternoon like this... In just his Diaper, Sweatshirt, and Shoes! His clothes were in the wash!

He didn't care! He just kept finding one egg at a time, opening it, and eating the candy in it!

Bo & Taylor. Taylor was so cute with Bo trying to get him interested in finding eggs, but all Bo wanted to do was throw the eggs in the pond!

Taylor couldn't believe that Bo was just chucking the eggs in the pond! THEY HAVE CANDY IN THEM!!!

Cody standing at the top of the pond. My little Danger boy!

I yelled at him to get down, and he was hurrying as fast as he could like he knew he was in trouble! (Of course I had to get a picture!)

Nothing could pull this kid away from that stinkin' Pond!

He was in Heaven!
And of Course we had to go on Four Wheel ride! Someone starts one of these suckers up, and it doesn't matter where my boys are, or what they are doing, they drop it and come runnin'!
After our Easter Lunch, we headed over to my mom & dad's house for a yummy turkey dinner! They had another little egg hunt, jumped on the tramp, and we played Wii all afternoon. Even though this Easter was totally different, it was a total blast!

Poor kid played so hard he just wore himself right out! He was playing, and all the sudden just went to sleep on top of this metal box! It was so funny I just had to take a picture!
Thank you everyone for such a fun Easter! We love all of you!