Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Handsome Boy!

I just love this Picture of Bo! All dressed up and ready for Church!

What a handsome boy!

Scarecrow Festival

We had so much fun at Cornbelly's that we decided to take the boys back to Thanksgiving Point for the Scarecrow Festival. Cory had to work, so Grandma, Grandpa, and David jumped on board and we headed out! Right when we got there, we ran in to Grandma Jill, Kim, Jaxson, and Wyatt. They were just getting ready to leave, and told us how much fun they had, so after a quick lunch together, we set off for all the bounce houses, and all the fun!

It didn't turn out so well...

Cody loves bounce houses, but he doesn't love lines! We had to wait in line for everything, and try explaining to an irrational 2 year old WHY we have to wait in line, WHILE your in line, and he is having a total melt down! Not so Fun! So, the Bounce Houses didn't work out so well for us, but Cody did LOVE the entertainment! Yep. We walked by the stage, and they had this cheesy Juggler, that wasn't even that great I might add, but Cody was in a trance! He made us sit there for a good 45 minutes watching this crappy juggler! I could not believe how much he loved him! Well, finally we decided to take him back over to Barnyard Boo, and after persuading him to leave his beloved Juggler, we walked over to where the animals were. Of course, the minute we got there, Cody was in heaven and headed right over to that darn Cow!

While Cody and I were checking out the cows, my mom and dad went and got in the line for the pony rides. Awesome Idea! We didn't have to get in that dang line until it was actually our turn to get on the ponies! It worked out PERFECT!

Cody was so excited to run and get on a pony. Bo was a little more skeptical, but he got on. I took Cody, and Grandpa was on Bo duty...

The Ride started, and Cody was thrilled, but poor Bo, not so much! Bo wanted to get off, so my Dad lifted him off, but then he tried to put him back on again, and poor Grandpa was having a rough time keeping up with those little ponies! (They were not going very fast!)

Cody was just a happy boy!

Here is Grandpa walking along side the ponies, Carrying Bo!

Cody didn't want to get off, but we told him we could go on the Hay Ride if he was a good boy, so he got off nicely, and ran over to the Hay Ride!

I didn't get pictures, I'm not sure why, but they had this Awesome hay ride pulled of course by great big horses! It was so cute! So we start out riding along, and all the sudden, here comes the HEADLESS HORSEMAN! It was Awesome! Cody was totally shocked, and just loved that he was chasing us! Everything was just so cute, and done so well!

After the hayride, we let Cody feed the ducks, and other animals with Corn. He was going a hundred miles an hour trying to get to everything all at once, and he was wearing me out trying to keep up with him! And then there is Bo. I am telling you he is the most laid back, easy going little boy! You put him in his stroller, give him some popcorn, and the boy is in heaven!

Nice Mohawk! He needs a haircut, but he doesn't care! He is always this happy!

Cody discovered the "Jail House". There were other little houses on the row, but Cody just wanted to be in Jail! Cody, this better be the ONLY time I EVER see you behind bars!!!

Grandma got in "Jail" with him, and he thought this was extremely funny!

Little Jailbird! When we walked back over to the scarecrow festival, the lines were not nearly as long, so we thought we would give the bounce houses another go. We had a blast! I took Cody, and David took Bo. We were bouncing and falling, and sliding all over the place and the boys were laughing, but I think David and I were laughing even harder! It was hilarious! They wore us out, but they hadn't had enough. But it was time to go, so we started walking toward the car, but we had to go past that dreaded stage! This time there was a bluegrass band playing, and of course, Cody had to stop to enjoy the music! He was dancing right in front of the stage, and it was so funny one of the singers started laughing at him mid-song! Cody just loves to watch the shows! But, since he was distracting the entertainers, we thought we better get him out of there, so we stuck him in his stroller and headed off for the car. Once again, we had a GREAT time at Thanksgiving Point, but hopefully next year, Cody will be old enough to handle the lines and be able to enjoy the Scarecrow Festival a little more! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us and making it so fun!
**Just a side note, I don't think we even got out of the parking lot before everyone in the car, except the driver, was totally sacked out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Yuv You!

I don't know if there is anything sweeter than hearing your baby say "I love you" for the first time! Cody wanted me to get him something today, and he usually gives me a kiss, but today he said "I yuv you" it was so sweet, so completely innocent, it seriously melted my heart, and I never want to forget how wonderful it was to hear him say that to me for the first time!
"I Yuv You too Codes!"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cornbelly's Corn Maze

The other day, Cory and I took the boys to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. We weren't sure if our boys would like it, but we thought we'd give it a shot anyway! I am glad we did! They honestly had such a blast! They loved EVERYTHING they had!

There was a huge haystack with all different kinds of slides coming off it, so we headed there first. Cody was a little skeptical, so Cory took up for the first time. He wouldn't do it by himself at first, so Cory had to show him how it was done.

Cory and Cody went down together the first time.

Cody loved it, so the next time, he walked up by himself, but Cory still had to go with him.

Cory sent him down the slide,

and then he followed him.

Bo wanted to go down the slide, so the three of them hiked up to the top again!

Cody had to go first, by himself...

Then Cory took Bo. (I think Cory liked the slide more than Bo)

Cody got really comfortable with the slide, so he stopped letting Cory go with him. But then he saw all the big kids climbing up this net, so of course, he wanted to do it! Cory helped show him how to get started, and it was all down hill from there! Cody was in heaven!

He got to be a pro at the slide! It took a lot of coaxing to get him to go try something else!

Finally, we got him to try some of the other things they had available. Cory took Cody over to this huge dinosaur looking thing that was a Haunted House. The guy told Cory that it was probably a little bit scary for Cody, but Cody and Cory were determined to go in.

If any of you know me, you know my fear of Haunted Houses of EVERY kind, so I waited outside with Bo, and took these cute pictures...

Bo was just talking to me, and making all these funny faces, so we were just enjoying each other!

I'm still not sure if Bo was enjoying ME, or the Kettle Corn I got him!

Cory & Cody came out of the Haunted House laughing, so I asked Cory how Cody did. He said he was kind of laughing through the whole thing, but he was holding on to Cory pretty tight. He didn't try to go back in, so I guess that sums it up pretty well!

After the Haunted House, we hit the "Jumping Pillow". It's like a huge tramp, but there aren't any springs, and it's surrounded by sand, so it's a lot harder to get hurt on. There were like a million kids jumping on the thing, which made it even more appealing to Cody. He had his shoes off, and was running up to jump with the kids before we even knew what was going on!

In case your wondering what he's doing with his arm up in the air, he's singing "Move It" from Madagascar! I think he thought all the other kids were loving it too, cause he kept doing it!

Bo did not like sitting on the side lines on this one! That is him trying to crawl up the pillow to where the kids are all jumping!

It was a little too steep for him to do it by himself...

So Cory and Cody came over to help him up!

Cory would lift Bo up on to the top of the corner...

All jumping kids would bounce him...

The bouncing would make him slide down with each bounce...

Then he would make Cory put him back up for another round!

He got some pretty good air on some of the bounces and it surprised him a little...

But, of course, he loved it!

Bo was having such a good time, Cody got a little jealous, and came over to get his dad to help him try it out.

He didn't see what was so great, so he just went back to jumping by himself!

And then Bo was done, and decided to lead his dad elsewhere.

Bo was totally satisfied with his jumping!

Next stop? Barnyard Boo! I can not get over how much Cody LOVES cows! He sees them EVERYDAY! We are constantly surrounded by them, and yet, he is totally obsessed with them like they are the GREATEST things on Earth!

When we first walked in to the barnyard part, they had a steer inside that they were working on. They were getting it's sperm! Yep! You heard me! How educational!

We moved right along to the outside part, and Cody just went nuts!

In the first stall was this big Black and White Cow. Cody has a toy one that looks just like it, he was completely delighted!

We stood there forever waiting for it to do something exciting! Cody kept yelling "Come On! Come On! Come On Buddy!"
Finally, the Cow walked over to him,

so Cory lifted him over to get a better look.

Then we walked down to the calf's. Cody and the other kids loved these little guys! The calf's just let all the kids pet them, and they licked them, and Cody just kept laughing at every ounce of attention he got from these two.

At the end of the row, there were a couple great big horses, and Cody kept tickling there lips to make them open there mouths. It was pretty funny, and people kept saying "Don't let them bite you!" Cody was like "duh! I do this ALL the time!"

Bo wasn't even phased that the horse was trying to eat his popcorn off his stroller!

In fact, I think that may have been his only concern! He didn't want the horse to have any!

They finished the "business" they had with the steer inside, so they let him go back to his stall. However, it was his buddies turn, so a cowboy had to come out to rope the other one for his turn... Cody was enthralled!

He had to take a seat for the show!

He was fascinated with those cows! He just didn't want to leave them, and every time we got him to go look at the other animals, he would only look for a second, and then he'd head right back to the cows!

We got him to go look at the goats, and horses, and pigs, and a bunch of birds...

He would look at them for a minute,

But even when we were at the other animals stalls, he was still looking over to see what those stupid cows were doing!

Meanwhile, Bo Daniel was in his happy place! Loungin' in his stroller, eating his popcorn!

He may be the sweetest little boy on earth!

Finally, it was time to go home, so we headed out, only to see this cow!

A big plastic replica of his favorite cow! We had to stop to let the boys try him out!
It was a great trip out to Thanksgiving Point! The boys loved it, and Cory and I were completely entertained! We will definitely be going back!