Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ah, Target. It seriously may be my favorite place to shop. Not necessarily because of the great stuff it has, my main reason for loving this place is that it has a snack shop at the front of the store. So, right when we get there, we get a bag of popcorn, and a drink, and then I have as long as I want to shop because both my boys are happy! I think every place should have some kind of a snack and a beverage so the kiddies can enjoy the shopping as much as the parents. Why not bring your own from home you say? Because it's just not the same! And the kids KNOW it's not the same!!! For some reason, the fact that you BUY them a treat, makes them enjoy it so much more, and they are a better behaved for longer periods of time!! Thank You Target!! :)
My boys are just so crazy! When we go to my beloved Target, Bo likes to ride in the big boy part of the cart, and Cody likes to lounge back in the baby seat with his bag of popcorn and just enjoy the ride! We get a few odd looks, but who cares! My boys are being good and momma wants to buy somethin' pretty! ha ha ha

Yep! That's a TICK!!!

So, I was giving Cody a bath the other day, and while washing his hair what do I find? I big bump on the back of his head! I couldn't figure out what it was at first, but it only took a second! My son had a gross tick in his head. I called the doctor and he got us in that day, and he looked at it, and put some stuff on it, and then he pulled it out. I didn't look but he had to send it to a lab to see if it has lime disease. We still haven't heard, but I'm pretty sure it was a "safe tick". Our best guess is that Cody got it from one of the hound dogs. Needless to say, we have treated the dogs with Tick and Flea stuff, and I hope I NEVER find another tick on any of us!! SICK!

Slippin' Slidin' in the Icky Mud

So, our yard is just dirt and weeds, and what happens to dirt when you add water? It turns into mud! Cody does not need an invitation to play in the mud! Cory went out to water his corn, and feed the horses, and when he looked over this is what he saw...

Cody was just getting started! First he just put his feet in, but then he just kept getting in further and further, and then he started getting his hands into it, and before we knew it, we had a muddy monster on our hands!

It was just so funny, we couldn't stop him! Your only young once! Might as well make the most of it! Of course, it took a lot to get this kid clean after his mud bath!

St. George Trip

A couple weeks ago my mom, my brother David, my boys, and I all loaded up in the 'burban and headed south to spend the weekend with my older brother and his little family in St. George. The purpose of the trip was to pick up some queen size beds we got for a really good deal (we bought 9!) But we spent the weekend playing! First we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and I really had no idea that place could be so much fun! My boys had a blast! The food was good, but the entertainment was even better! There was a lady there blowing bubbles, and anyone who has children knows what that means... Fun! Fun! Fun! My boys were laughing so hard they were bringing in a crowd! Of course just watching the bubbles was not enough for Cody! He had to try to TASTE them!

Then they had this pink hat that I thought was so so cute, but of course since I have boys, I never get to buy those cute pink things, but I couldn't resist! I tried to get Cody to wear it...

Holy Cow! It was like I was torturing him! He threw it off, and as if that wasn't enough to prove his point, he had to stomp on the hat after. I guess he just wanted to make sure it was dead! (as you can see, Bo was not impressed with the hat either!)
Bo got over the Hat deal, but then he was wondering what the heck we were doing. I think he was getting bored.

Cody found this caterpillar like toy, but instead of riding it, he decided to push it all over the store making a car noise, and crashing into to everything!

Robbie was having a fun time trying to make Bo laugh.

Finally, we left the Cracker Barrel and headed to the Park!
Cody LOVES the park! And Bo is becoming a fan. There were kids all over the place and Cody was running all over trying to make friends. There were a group of kids that had to be like 6 or 7 and they were flying this helicopter thing that Cody thought was awesome. Every time the helicopter crashed all the kids would run over to it to throw it up in the air again. Cody LOVED this game so he was running with him. I was watching from a distance just to see how Cody interacted with these other kids, but one of the kids kept yelling at him to leave them alone. After a while the kid got pretty brave and he tried to push Cody down. I would have stepped in, but the push didn't even budge Cody, but the fact that he didn't move made the kid pretty nervous because he heaved "Whoa!" and then yelled at his friends that they should leave. Cody just turned around and went about his business! He is a tank!

We found the swings and Cody thought it was hilarious that he got to be in one swing, and Bo was next to him in another swing.

He was so pleased with himself.

It was Bo's first time in a swing, and I think he's sold on it! He just loved it!

Cody loves to swing, but he takes after his dad so after a little bit, he got pretty sick!