Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Powell

We just got back from our Annual Lake Powell trip, and I must say, it was Freaking Awesome!
We leave on a Sunday, drive to Paige, and stay in a Hotel that first night. We swim and have pizza by the pool, then Monday morning we head out on the lake to find our camp spot. We camp out on the water for a week, then head back to the hotel Saturday night, and head home on Sunday. This year was a little different though. My cousin and his wife got a house boat for the trip, so we lived the life of luxury for the week instead of roughing it. There is something to be said for coming off a long day on the lake in the heat and relaxing in a nice chair in an air conditioned house boat! I hate to repeat myself, but, it was Freaking Awesome!!
Before I get to the picture's, I do have to tell you that I am horrible at being a photographer! I forgot to take pictures more often than not, and I think the only time I pulled my camera out was when we were hanging out at the pool, or the Marina. So, even though we did a lot of crazy things: Skiing, Surfing, Wake boarding, Tubing, Cliff Jumping, touring some amazing canyons, and hiking Hole in the Rock, I did not capture any of it on film. LAME! But we had a great time, and I can't wait to get back there.

Cory & Cody playing in the pool. Our boys are little water dogs.

Bo Daniel with his grandpa just floating around the pool, taking it all in.

My boys were having a blast. Cody thinks his dad is the funniest person alive.

And Bo thinks his grandpa is the greatest person alive!
Of course Bo had no trouble getting a little "Dad" time in. He just likes to be in the water. He honestly thinks he can swim all by himself. He was a little bit of a challenge this year.

We could not get this child out of the water!

Ashley was a big hit again this year! My boys are absolutely in love with her! She kept them entertained, and Cody was her little shadow. She may be his first crush!

A fast stop and Micky D's for breakfast before heading out on the Lake! My boys just wanted to be wherever Ashley was.

If we couldn't get our boys to do something we just had to call Ashley over and they were more than happy to do whatever she asked!

Bo striking a pose on the little Lady Bug. He loved this spot!

Cute little Aiden hanging out on the "Lion". A lady that worked there kept asking him to take his shoes off, his response: "ROAR"!!!! I was pretty funny.

And, TMNT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. TURTLE POWER! Cody loved being on a turtle and belting out the turtle Theme Song!

We weren't in the boat for more than five seconds when Bo just decided to climb on over the boat and into the water! He really thinks he's this big kid that can do whatever he wants! Cory had to hang him over the edge so he could drag his feet in the water while the boat was going.

He would get so mad if Cory stopped. I don't know how far we went with him dangling over the side, but he was so content, he almost fell asleep!

The kids begged and begged Cory to catch them another fish (like he did last year.) They saved up there old bread and chips so they could draw the fish in for Cory to reach down and grab one. So creepy, but they love it! I guess Cody didn't want to miss one ounce of the action, so he got right on his dad's back to make sure he got the best view!

Wait for it...

Bo had to be restrained from jumping right in with the fish!

Wait for it...

Getting closer, Cody was getting so excited!

Bo was trying so hard to sneak into that water!

And here is Bo trying to act all innocent like he wasn't trying to do anything sneaky!

Still Waiting....

Bo getting caught by Grandpa. I can't believe that crazy kid!

He is so mad that Grandpa won't just let him swim!

Still thinking about it.

And Finally! The Fish!

Cody realized it's not as cool up close as he thought it was going to be! It freaked him out a little.

Bo was laughing so hard at all the fish fighting over the food the other kids were throwing at them.

Is he not the cutest little stinker you've ever seen?

Aunt Sally with Ashley, Bo, & Cody. Ashley taking her job of keeping Bo out of the water very serious! Silly Kids!

And Finally, Bo found someone he could talk into letting him get in that water!

All those creepy carp swimming all over and around him, didn't phase him in the least! He was trying to kick them! So Gross!

And there he is ladies. What a stud! And he's all MINE!

I think this is Forbidden Canyon. Cory & Cody were yelling at David to jump, and my dad was headed for the boat.

And there goes David. Cody thought it was hilarious!

Bo in his usual spot. The back of the boat on the swim deck with his feet dragging in the water!

I know it's time to get rid of that stinkin' pacifier, but that is the sweetest little face I have ever seen!
All the boys swimming back to the boat.

Bo shaggin' the muck out of the water as we go by.

Okay, so this "cliff" was really not that high, but a great jumping off spot. Sally & David talked Cory into going up with them to jump off. Cory is seriously so afraid of heights, so it just made this whole thing so funny.

Sally jumped right off, so that left Cory & David.

And there goes David, so that left Cory.

And there goes the life jacket...

And finally, Cory went to jump, and tried to chicken out, but he was too far gone, so he let out a few profanities, which made all the kids laugh histarically, and before he knew it, he was in the water. After, he was even laughing at himself!!

And back at the Marnina and the all those fish again. Melissa was kind enough to take a turn keeping Bo out of the water.

I don't know what it is about those fish, but they are hypnotic.

Cory and his boys. Does life get much better?

Ashley, the little dare devil, wanted David to try and help her catch a fish like Cory.

However, she decided against that decision at the last minute.

But apparently, it's okay to touch them with your feet! Bo is in Heaven!

Look at those little feet.

But got a few of those fish, and thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread!

He would hold really still until the fish came up close, then he would start kicking again. Tricky!
Still not enough of those freakin' fish!

Cody thought it was so funny to watch his brother being fed to the fish. But he wasn't so big on the idea of doing it himself.

On the way home, we had to stop in Kanab to get some ice cream. I don't think anyone has ever enjoyed an ice cream sandwich more than the Code Man.

I am not kidding, he made sure he got every drop of that thing!
Complete Satisfaction!
As you can see, we had a great time! Thank You Richard & Melissa for an awsome week! We are looking forward to next year!