Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick Update...

Just for the sake of documenting, I'd like to say we are making progress with preschool! First, let it be known that Cody has loved preschool from the very beginning! Every time I go to pick him up he comes out so happy and has to talk to all his friends and say good bye to his teacher Miss Lindsay (have I mentioned how much I love her!) However, the dropping off part has not been going so well! The first day, he walked right up to the door so excited to be there, but when I got in the car and started to drive off, he RAN after the car crying! The teacher had to grab him and take him inside. The next time, he was a little more skeptical. We drove to school, he got his back pack, got out of the car, then opened my door, said "come on!" and took my hand. The closer we got to the door, the harder he held my hand. Finally, it was time to say goodbye at the door, and Miss Lindsay had to just take him, Crying, and walk into the house. For the second time I had to drive away from my baby crying. The third day was by far the worst! He threw a fit all morning. He cried in the car the whole way there. When we got there I got out to get him out and he Locked the door!! I unlocked the door, and had to pull him out of the car. He held on to the car with all his might, and I had to pry him off. Then he wrapped his body around mine, and cried the whole way to the door. Miss Lindsay just pried him off me, and told me to go! It was HORRIBLE!! Keep in mind, that every time I have gone to pick him up he has been happy as a clam! Which brings me to today. I count it a success! We got ready for school. He got in the car with his back pack. We drove to school. He didn't cry until I opened his door to get him out. Then he cried. I braced myself for another horrible goodbye. We walked to the door crying, and as soon as we got to where Miss Lindsay was standing to welcome the kids... Drum Roll... Cody stopped crying!! He just had me put him down, and walked right in to school! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! I didn't have to leave my baby crying today! I didn't have to feel like a failure of a mother today! My child likes school! And I am excited to go pick him up and see what he learned today and hear all about his day! It DOES get better!!!
Way to go Cody Boy! You made your mommy so happy today!!