Monday, December 22, 2008

Confessions of a Redneck...

Okay, so my boys HATE being inside! They literally hang on the back door begging to go outside. If anyone comes over to our house in the winter time, my boys will latch on and won't let go until they get to go with whoever it is that came to visit. So, the other day, I had a million things I needed to do, and my boys wouldn't leave me alone. They wanted to play, and normally I'm all for playing now, and working later, but I had hit my breaking point! My house was a disaster, and my laundry was a mountain I couldn't ignore any longer. So, what do you do with two little boys that needed to be entertained?

Put them in the SINK!

Both of my boys are water dogs. Why not put them in tub you ask? Because I didn't have the time to sit with them and watch them.

I started with Bo, to see if he would enjoy it...

I think it's safe to say, he was having a blast!

He thought it was the greatest thing!

The big brother couldn't be left out! So I put him on up there too. However, he didn't fit as easily as Bo! Look at that monster in my tiny sink!

He didn't care! However, I did have to grab him right after this picture, because he was getting ready to pee on his brother!

We made it to the bathroom, and then went back to sink!

These two played in the sink for a good 45 minutes! I am not joking! I got so much done, and since I could see what they were doing the whole time, it was a win win!!

If that isn't redneck, I don't know what is!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Poor Child! Mommy's Sorry!

My boys hair was looking a little shaggy, so I thought to myself, hmmmm. "I think I'll cut my boy's hair today, so they look great for Christmas!!

Right after the buzz... Poor Kid!

After I put some Gel in it, to try and make it better!
Sooo NOT recommended!!!
*Cody took one look at his brother, and just looked at me like "Oh Hell No!" So, son one still has all his hair! I'm sorry Bo Daniel!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Easy Lenny!

Our Hound Dog Badger just had her pups! We realized she was knocked up like two weeks ago, so this went pretty quick for us. We were trying to guess when the puppies would come, (well Cory tried to guess, I know nothing about this puppy business!) He figured pretty close, because when he went out there yesterday to move her to a barn to have her pups, she had already had two of them! One didn't make it, he froze in the snow, but we got her in our house just in time for the rest to come! It was the coolest thing to see! I've never seen a dog have puppies before, so it was a new experience for me! She must be a pretty tough dog, because she dropped 8 of those little puppies with out any drugs, and she didn't even make a sound! While we were watching, Cory and I were talking to each other, and then we looked back at her, and there was another one! It was so funny! Cody was so excited, and it took everything we had to distract him from going in and bugging her. We would let him in once in a while, until the mom started getting nervous (easy to do with Cody around) and then we would make him leave for a little while again. We had to set up barricades to block the puppies from Cody. He tries to be gentle, he just isn't! Cory's new nickname for him is "Lenny", and it fits perfectly!

Here's the mom trying to get situated in her bed, and trying not to smother any of her pups!

We lured Badger away from her pups with some food so we could get a count.

Here's Cody on one of the occasions he is allowed to hold one of the pups. He is so excited!

One second after this picture was taken, we told Cody to put the puppy down, and he chucked it! Hence the name "Lenny!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My worst Nightmare!

I am the WORST mother EVER!!

Last night, I put the kids to bed; Cody in his bed, Bo in his crib, and me in my bed. Well, around 12:30, we decided to play "Musical Beds". Cody came in and got in my bed, which is fine, no big deal (Cory wasn't home). However, a little while later, Bo started crying, so I went to see what was wrong with him. I couldn't get him to calm down, so I picked him up and rocked him for a little bit, but every time I tried to lay him back down in his crib, he would cry! I was so tired, I just wanted sleep, so I took him into Cody's room (since Cody was sprawled out on my bed), and got in bed with Bo. He fell asleep, and I fell asleep.

I am a light sleeper! I wake up at the tiniest noise! I still can't get over this...

I was sleeping, and all the sudden I can hear this crying! It was hysterical, and scared, and it scared me to death! I flew out of bed and instantly went to check on Cody. He wasn't in my bed! I could hear him crying, but I couldn't find him! My heart was racing, but I was disoriented, (it was 3:00 in the morning!). Finally, I ran past the back door, and there it was, WIDE OPEN!! My heart sank! I looked out, and there is Cody, standing on the other side of the car crying like he was terrified, and in pain!! I flew out there and grabbed him up. Oh my heck, I will never get that image out of my head! He was FREEZING! And shaking so bad! I guess he just woke up in the night, and I wasn't there, and he always knows to come find me in my bed, but he was in my bed, and I wasn't there. I guess he thought I might be out in the car!

Poor little guy. I snatched him up and ran back in the house with him. I think he must have slipped in the snow because he had snow all over the side of him and his hands and face were freezing. I tore off his clothes and jumped under the covers with him to try and warm him up! It was the saddest crying I have ever heard. Scared, hurt, freezing.... it took a while to warm him up, and calm him down but all I could do was hold him, and he made me put my arms around him, and every time I loosened my hold on him, he would squeeze my arms back tight around him. I just held him and cried! How could I let this happen!? I left car doors open, all night. I couldn't think of anything but getting him warm and safe again!

I have been pretty shaken up this morning thinking of all the things that could have happened. I have been up all night the last two nights because my boys and I have had the flu, so I was exhausted, but I can't believe I didn't wake up! I have no idea how long he was up, or how long he was outside, I just know I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for not letting anything happen to my little boy! My heart is so full of gratitude that as bad as this was for me, Cody is inside safe and happy eating a waffle for breakfast when it could have been so much worse!

Here are his little footprints in the snow walking out to check in the car for me!

**Just so you know, the door was locked, the bolt and the knob! Cody just knows how to unlock the door! We are going to Home Depot today to buy chains to put at the top of the door!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Makin' his Pappa Proud!

Nothing makes Cory happier than being out with his dogs and his boys. Unless, it's seeing his boy pick up dog training like a natural! Much to my dismay (honestly, why can't my boys like golf, or something clean that we don't have to feed!) all of my boys Love Love Love these hound dogs! The other day Cory was getting ready to take his hounds out riggin' and while he was getting everything gathered up, Cody took Seven and started training her exactly like Cory does! It was hilarious! He would lead her out, and then tell her to "Come", he would tell her "Good Boy" (even though she's a girl) and he made her go all over the place right by his side! Cory came in to get me to come see what his son was doing, and I'm not kidding the guy was Beaming!! I think it might be his proudest dad moment to date...

Cody leading her along, and telling her to "come"

He's laughing because she came when he told her to.

Cody saying "Good Boy!" because she did what he wanted her to do!

He's taking her over to the truck to load 'em up!

They took the dogs out, and both came back so excited because the dogs had done so well!

And of course, after his big day he was completely tuckered out! I think he fell asleep before he even got his dinner!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh Crap! 'Tis the Season!

Cody and Bo have the flu! I have cleaned up puke I don't know how many times. I have showered I don't know how many times. I have bathed both boys I don't know how many times. That smell just doesn't go away! And now, I am not feeling so hot myself!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Such a FIASCO!!!

Okay! So, after much deliberation, and a few frantic calls from some family members, I have once again decided to change my mind! Going private seems to defeat the purpose of having my blog in the first place, and almost caused my 90 year old grandmother a heart attack! (Sorry!) So, we are NOT going private! We are staying here, for all the world to see! I am sorry for all the bouncing, but I am finally ready to proceed as if nothing changed at all!! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Going Private!!!!

Well, I guess it's that time! With all the stuff on the news, and all the weird things that have been happening in the blogging world, it's time for us to take this to just the people we know! I would love to let anyone and everyone that wants to keep visiting our blog, do just that, but I need to know who you are! You know the drill! I'll wait a week or two, and then it's by invitation only!! Thanks for everything!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Very Cute Cowboy, and One Very Scary Pirate!

I had so much fun this Halloween! My kids make every holiday more fun, but since I'm not a huge Halloween fan, I was surprised by how much fun we had this year! We hit the Trunk-or-Treat at the Erda Drive In first. The people that own the Drive in let everyone in Erda come every Halloween. There is a costume contest, and contest for the "Best Trunk". All the kids wear their costumes, there is a costume parade, and then the kids are set loose to trick or treat. They serve Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, and when the trick or treating is done, everyone climbs in their cars, we get to watch a movie! I lost my camera for a short period of time, so I didn't get any pictures of Trunk or Treat! Bummer!

However! I did get pictures of Halloween! Cody dressed up as a pirate, and Bo was an oh-so-cute Cowboy!

Cory did their make-up! Way to go dad! (He thought my mustache's weren't manly enough!)

Cody had to get some jumpin in before the trick-or-treating...

And Bo had to get some "daddy time" in while he was waiting!
Finally, it was time...Cory had taken Cody to check his traps (an entry for the "Cory Chronicles") so Bo and Grandpa got started without them! This is Bo at his very FIRST house, for his very FIRST Trick-or-Treat!
He's looking at me like I'm a crazy person!

I think Grandpa looks more excited about the Free Candy than Bo is!

When Cory pulled up, Cody was out of that car and RUNNING to catch up with his brother!! He couldn't believe we didn't wait for him!

He caught up a lot faster than his dad... hee hee!

And here they are the four of them! Bo was totally digging Halloween! Knock on doors and they give you Candy!! Are you kidding? Paradise! On the other hand. Cody loved running from house to house, and he loved knocking on the door, or ringing the door bell, but the minute someone answered, he would totally shrink behind his dad and try to get away from the people! We'll see how he does next year!
We had a great Halloween! But Bring on THANKSGIVING!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

PsyChO dUckS!!!

The other day, my cute sister-in-law invited my boys and I to go to the park with her and her boys to feed the ducks. We thought this sounded like a lot of fun, and the weather was so great we just wanted to be outside.

Holy Psycho Ducks! I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time! These freaking ducks ATTACKED our boys the minute we pulled out the bread! They just run right up to you, and if you don't throw the bread down fast enough, they try to nip it right out of your hands!

Cody thought this was really funny, and he liked teasing the ducks by EATING the bread himself, instead of giving it to them...

The ducks running up to Cody...

Cody would grab some bread and run to see if the ducks would follow him!

This white duck was the biggest freak! He was so aggressive! Cody liked him the best and the duck would chase after Cody, and then Cody would turn and chase after the duck! It was a show down of wills! I still don't know who won!

Unfortunately, Jaxson was not having much fun with these posessed ducks! He hated them! This duck was trying to get his bread and he was screaming, and his mom told me to hurry and take a picture before she rescued him!!!
I'm sorry Jaxson if your scarred for life, but your mom and I laughed really, really hard!
It was a really fun day! Thanks Bells for all the laughs!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Handsome Boy!

I just love this Picture of Bo! All dressed up and ready for Church!

What a handsome boy!

Scarecrow Festival

We had so much fun at Cornbelly's that we decided to take the boys back to Thanksgiving Point for the Scarecrow Festival. Cory had to work, so Grandma, Grandpa, and David jumped on board and we headed out! Right when we got there, we ran in to Grandma Jill, Kim, Jaxson, and Wyatt. They were just getting ready to leave, and told us how much fun they had, so after a quick lunch together, we set off for all the bounce houses, and all the fun!

It didn't turn out so well...

Cody loves bounce houses, but he doesn't love lines! We had to wait in line for everything, and try explaining to an irrational 2 year old WHY we have to wait in line, WHILE your in line, and he is having a total melt down! Not so Fun! So, the Bounce Houses didn't work out so well for us, but Cody did LOVE the entertainment! Yep. We walked by the stage, and they had this cheesy Juggler, that wasn't even that great I might add, but Cody was in a trance! He made us sit there for a good 45 minutes watching this crappy juggler! I could not believe how much he loved him! Well, finally we decided to take him back over to Barnyard Boo, and after persuading him to leave his beloved Juggler, we walked over to where the animals were. Of course, the minute we got there, Cody was in heaven and headed right over to that darn Cow!

While Cody and I were checking out the cows, my mom and dad went and got in the line for the pony rides. Awesome Idea! We didn't have to get in that dang line until it was actually our turn to get on the ponies! It worked out PERFECT!

Cody was so excited to run and get on a pony. Bo was a little more skeptical, but he got on. I took Cody, and Grandpa was on Bo duty...

The Ride started, and Cody was thrilled, but poor Bo, not so much! Bo wanted to get off, so my Dad lifted him off, but then he tried to put him back on again, and poor Grandpa was having a rough time keeping up with those little ponies! (They were not going very fast!)

Cody was just a happy boy!

Here is Grandpa walking along side the ponies, Carrying Bo!

Cody didn't want to get off, but we told him we could go on the Hay Ride if he was a good boy, so he got off nicely, and ran over to the Hay Ride!

I didn't get pictures, I'm not sure why, but they had this Awesome hay ride pulled of course by great big horses! It was so cute! So we start out riding along, and all the sudden, here comes the HEADLESS HORSEMAN! It was Awesome! Cody was totally shocked, and just loved that he was chasing us! Everything was just so cute, and done so well!

After the hayride, we let Cody feed the ducks, and other animals with Corn. He was going a hundred miles an hour trying to get to everything all at once, and he was wearing me out trying to keep up with him! And then there is Bo. I am telling you he is the most laid back, easy going little boy! You put him in his stroller, give him some popcorn, and the boy is in heaven!

Nice Mohawk! He needs a haircut, but he doesn't care! He is always this happy!

Cody discovered the "Jail House". There were other little houses on the row, but Cody just wanted to be in Jail! Cody, this better be the ONLY time I EVER see you behind bars!!!

Grandma got in "Jail" with him, and he thought this was extremely funny!

Little Jailbird! When we walked back over to the scarecrow festival, the lines were not nearly as long, so we thought we would give the bounce houses another go. We had a blast! I took Cody, and David took Bo. We were bouncing and falling, and sliding all over the place and the boys were laughing, but I think David and I were laughing even harder! It was hilarious! They wore us out, but they hadn't had enough. But it was time to go, so we started walking toward the car, but we had to go past that dreaded stage! This time there was a bluegrass band playing, and of course, Cody had to stop to enjoy the music! He was dancing right in front of the stage, and it was so funny one of the singers started laughing at him mid-song! Cody just loves to watch the shows! But, since he was distracting the entertainers, we thought we better get him out of there, so we stuck him in his stroller and headed off for the car. Once again, we had a GREAT time at Thanksgiving Point, but hopefully next year, Cody will be old enough to handle the lines and be able to enjoy the Scarecrow Festival a little more! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us and making it so fun!
**Just a side note, I don't think we even got out of the parking lot before everyone in the car, except the driver, was totally sacked out!