Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dog Days

My husband is an animal lover. He has passed this trait on to his son.

On Sunday Cory got a call at 5:00am from some guy in Reno. That's right, my animal loving husband ordered a pointer from a guy in Reno. Well, the guy was on his way to California so he told Cory to meet him in Elko, Nevada to pick up his dog.

So, Cory set off to Elko (an eight hour drive) to pick up his beloved dog. I opted to stay home and await his arrival...

Okay, so she is an adorable little thing, but really with 6 other dogs, I was not that excited to get another one. But, when Cory brought her home, and I saw Cody with her, it melted my oh, so cold heart! You can just tell how much he loves her!

She is chewing on Bo's blanket, and I don't think Cody can decide if he should let the dog have her way, or if he should rescue his brother's blanket.

Then Cody came up with this great game... He would lay on the blanket and wait for the dog to come find him....

She definitely did not disappoint him!

Cody got this water/sand table from Grandma for his birthday which he loves, of course I think he loves it even more, now that he has a buddy to play in it with. (That's right, play IN it, because playing with it is just not good enough!)

Here he is standing in the sand side, trying to get the dog to get in the other side...

Once again, she does not disappoint! (I was too late getting the picture, she jumped in and then jumped right back out!)

Then she just stood by him while he played. He thought it was so funny to take hand fulls of sand and put it all over her and rub it in. Even though she is just a puppy, she let him do whatever he wanted to her. I think she's a keeper!

Who doesn't love Bowling?!

Last weekend my brother & sister-in-law came up from St. George to hang out. Their weekend started out a little rough, a speeding ticket for Heather (sorry Danica!) and a flat tire for Robbie, but they got over it and we went on to what I thought was a fantastic weekend!

We decided to hit the bowling alley. I was little nervous to take the kids because I didn't know how they would do, but holy cow! Cody LOVED it! We got him his own lane (so he could have bumpers and wouldn't have to wait for his turn) and he picked out his ball, and we were set.

I thought he would get bored with it pretty quick, but he bowled two whole games, and loved every second!

He would roll his ball, watch it go all the way down the lane, and then clap for himself when the pins got knocked down. Then he would run over to the ball return and watch for his ball to come up, and then he would start the process all over.

Getting ready to roll the ball...

Cody watching his Ball...
Even the babies enjoyed the bowling extravaganza. We bowled for at least three hours, and after the games, we stayed even longer for a contest, and the babies didn't make a peep!

Karlee and Bo Daniel hangin' out and takin' it all in!

I don't know who was more proud, Cody or Cory!

I tried to help Cody to give Cory a break, but he wouldn't have it! Apparently bowling is something Cody does with his Dad! It's not a mom thing!

Strike! Strike! Strike!

Look how anxious they are to see what will happen!

Of course, all things must come to an end. However, even though Cody did eventually tire of the actual bowling, he did not tire of the the bowling alley! He had a blast playing on the ball return! I know, weirdo!

I think Grandpa might have had more fun holding his favorite Grand-daughter Karlee...

And finally.... Drum Roll Please....

We were just getting ready to walk out the door when the DJ announced that they were having a contest to win a free game. All you had to do was bowl a strike. Well, that hit the competitive chord, so everyone gathered up there bowling balls again, and put their shoes back on and got in line. It paid off! My mom was the first to win her free game (on her first try) and the boys followed suit after a practice round, they all came away winners! They think they are awesome!

*I would like to make a note that Heather and I did not participate in the strike contest because our babies were so tired, we had to do the "mom" thing, however, had we participated, I feel confident in saying that we both would have bowled a strike on our first try! Take that Testosterone!

Bo Daniel Havin' Fun

Bo's FaVOritE TReaT in the whole world is a Cookie. Any kind of cookie! And some of my favorite pics of Bo are the pictures I take after he finishes his treat...
This is Bo after eating his first Oreo!
Bo loves watching the big boys in Grandma Jill's Bounce house, but every kid needs his turn...
Of course, he doesn't really know what to do once he gets his turn!
Who cares! It stills counts!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Which Austen Heroine Are You?

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Looking for a Place for your Summer Vacation?

Come to BEAR LAKE! It's not too far, and tons of fun! We have a cabin that we are renting out for part of the summer! Great for Family Reunions, or just a fun vacation. Three minutes away from North Beach, and just down the street from the natural hot springs. Five bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, beautiful view of the whole lake! Plenty of space and minutes away from the action your looking for, and far enough away for solitude if that is what you want! If you are interested, please let me know!

*Pictures will be coming soon (as soon as I can get up there and take some)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Splishin' and Splashin'

Cody decided to take a shower... All by himself! He thought it was hilarious that he could stand in the water and let it soak him, and then he could just step out of it! It made me laugh so hard, he was just having so much fun in there! What a big boy!

In the Zone...

The boys went over to Grandma Jill's. They put on "Barnyard" and grandma gave the boys there own baggie of Nacho Cheese Dorito's. I think it's safe to say they were all in heaven, and totally in the zone! I couldn't get them to look at me for anything! They were all just layed back, hangin' out! Don't you miss those days???

CoOKiE! cOOkiE! COoKie!!

Bo Daniel had his First Chocolate Chip Cookie! I think his face says it all! YUMMY!!

Are we Having Fun Yet?

We went to the discovery museum again, and this time we made it to the upstairs part. There is a cool helicopter, and a place to build stuff, and all these other activities. There is so much to do and so much to see, and I was trying to get Cody interested in it, however, he found what he wanted to do...

You know Cody! He loves climbing, and he loves putting things into other things. So this was perfect! It's the place where they put the garbage cans! I don't know where the garbage can was that went in this spot, but Cody climbed right in, and he was having a blast!

Finally, he realized he was missing out on something, so he headed over to the helicopter and climbed on in...

Bo just hung out and enjoyed watching his brother...

Dead Horse Take Two!

So, after the fiasco of yesterday, I told Cory I could no longer be an accomplice to this twisted disaster. However, he still had work, and the dumps didn't change their schedule, so he called his "go to man" Zach. Zach just never let's us down, and this was no exception! He came over today after school and picked up the horse. He took it to the dumps, and apparently, he was bound and determined to leave the horse at the dumps. So, he tied a rope to the horses legs, and then to a telephone pole, and then drove away, leaving the horse! I just want to give Zach a big THANKS for taking care of our mess! He's is definitely the favorite! Your the best Zach

Also, I would like to apologize to the poor dead horse. We put him through a lot, and he didn't deserve it. Poor dead horse!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Little on the TrAshY Side!!

This story is not for the weak...

So we had some neighbors that lived up the street from us that decided to move. They had a horse, but there new house didn't have a place for it, so they asked if they could leave there horse with us until they could figure out something else. Well, that was like a year ago and we haven't heard anything from them since! Unfortunately their horse died of natural causes day before yesterday, and this is where our story turns...

What do you do with a Horse when it dies you ask? Well, apparently in Tooele, you take them to the dump and there is an "Animal Pit" where you dump them. (This is all new to me) Well, horses are heavy and it died in it's stall. So, we called good ol' Chad to bring over his landscaping equipment to help us load the horse onto a flatbed trailer. However, he has a business to run so he didn't get to our house until about 4:15 and the dump closes at 5:00, so we didn't have time to take it, and Cory works Wednesday through Saturday. We certainly can't wait until Monday to get rid of the dead thing, and sorry to be crude, but it's bloating and it stinks! There was only one option. ME! Cory covered the poor animal with a tarp and the plan was for me to take the horse to the dump today. Well, Sally (my material sister) came out today because she fell last night and she thought she broke her wrist (don't worry! She's in a soft cast, but she is fine), but she wanted me to take her to the doctor. I told her I would take her to the doctor if she would ride out to the dumps with me. Reluctantly, she agreed. So, we loaded up my two boys and Sally and I headed to the dumps. The dumps are clear at the end of town so we had to drive right down main street all the way through town with a dead horse in tow. As if that is not bad enough, the tarp got loose in the back so now the poor horses tail was flapping in the breeze, and his hooves were sticking out. Sally could not believe what she was doing! Finally we got to our destination. Now, everyone told me that when you take an animal to the dump there is someone there to help you un-load, Cory SWORE that I would not have to do anything except pull up. Unfortunately, either I was ill-informed, or the girl that works at the dump was because that was not the case. We pulled up to the window to tell the lady where we had to go, and asked who would be able to help me. She said "we don't provide men or equipment to help you unload your waste!" So I asked "How do I get this thing off the trailer then?" to which she replied, "the same way you got it on!" Okay lady! Thanks for your help! Did she expect me to use my superhuman strength? It's like 900 pounds! I looked at Sally who quickly dashed any hope I had of getting help from her! So, we drove around the dump, looking for the "animal pit" and keeping our eyes out for someone to help us get rid off our "waste". There was no one there! The place was empty except for our new friend and a bunch of garbage. So, we just turned around and left. We had to make our way back through Tooele with a big dead horse still on our trailer. The tarp was practically off, and we were getting all kinds of glares and disgusted looks, and it hit me, I know I said before that I had become a Redneck Woman, but to quote the country song, "I'm a little on the trashy side". I have crossed a line, and I don't know if I can come back!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Since my boys are too little to write about how wonderful they think I am, I thought that on this mother's day, I would write about how wonderful I think they are!

Cody is growing up so fast and is my little shadow. Today he gave me his first ever Mother's Day gift. When I went to pick him up from nursery he had a bright orange hot pad with his had print in the middle (they dipped his had in paint and put it on the hot pad) with a "Happy Mother's Day" message and his name on the bottom. It is a gift I will always treasure! Cody may be by far the best number one snuggler in the entire world! My favorite thing is when Cody comes into my room at night and climbs in bed with me, and gets as close as he can to me and makes me put my arm around him and then he squeezes my arm close until I squeeze him really tight and then he falls back to sleep. Sometimes during the day he'll be playing or doing whatever he wants, and it's like all the sudden he just decides that I need a kiss, so he'll come over and put both his hands on either side of my face and has to give me a smooch, and then he gets down and goes back to whatever he was doing. He has the sweetest heart and the happiest disposition. He is always up to something and there is never a dull moment when he is around.

Bo Daniel is my little angel. He just drips with sweetness and there is nothing better than being the receiver of one of his angelic smiles. Although he is not a cuddler, there is nothing I love better than when he falls asleep so I can just hold him and cuddle up to him.

Being a mom to these two boys is the greatest blessing in my life. I feel so humbled to know that my heavenly father trusted me with these two special spirits! I love them more than I can express and I am so proud of them. Mother's Day has come to mean so much to me. It is hard to believe that I can be put into the same category as my mother, grandmother's, mother-in-law, and sister-in-laws. These women are seriously incredible and have been such great examples to me and my children I can only hope that I will live up to their expectations.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Discovery Museum

We took our first trip to the Discovery Museum in the Gateway mall a week or two ago and let me just say it was a total blast!! We went with Kim and her two boys Jaxson and Wyatt, and Grandma Jill, and Anne. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it could not have been more perfect! There is a "Garden Room" that has all these clear tubes running all the way up to the ceiling and there is place where you lift this thing up and put a ball in it (like the old McDonald plastic balls) and it gets sucked up the tube and you can watch it go all the way through. (like the bank things.) Anyway, Cody was fascinated! He loves balls, and he loves putting things into holes, so this was his little slice of heaven. Finally we went into the next room and it exceeded all expectations! There was a Water Table place that has all this running water and these clear little balls that you put in different things, once again, Cody was in heaven! Balls, holes, and water! Across from the water feature there is a place that is perfect for babies! It has padding all over and little toys so Bo was having just as much fun as Cody!

This is Cody at the water table in his own little world!

Bo just loved watching all the kids and playing with all the toys just his size!

There is a little house that has everything a normal house has only miniature and Cody loved it! He was running all over the place laughing his head off!

Finally we got home and had to tell dad all about our day! Cory was making Bo laugh so hard in this picture! I tried to get it on video, but I'm always just a second too late!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Looking for a place for Summer Vacation?

Come to BEAR LAKE! It's not too far, and tons of fun! We have a cabin that we are renting out for part of the summer! Great for Family Reunions, or just a fun vacation. Three minutes away from North Beach, and just down the street from the natural hot springs. Five bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, beautiful view of the whole lake! Plenty of space and minutes away from the action your looking for, and far enough away for solitude if that is what you want! If you are interested, please let me know!

*Pictures will be coming soon (as soon as I can get up there and take some)

Who's a good Doggy?

I think my son may be a little confused as to what exactly he is. Is he Little boy? Or little Dog? He loves playing with the hound dogs, but I think it's gone too far...

The littlest pup was drinking out of his trough, and Cody was super interested...

He tried to get Badger to try the drinking thing, but she just wouldn't cooperate...
So, what else could he do? I guess he decided he'd try it out himself...

Just a little closer....
Don't worry! I stopped him right before it was too late! But he would have done it!

Cory is so proud of his hound lovin' sons!!


The other day Cody and his cousin Jaxson went over to Grandma Jill's to play....

Jaxson announced that he wanted to "take off my clothes!" So, Grandma obliged! And, of course if Jaxson does it, then it must be cool, so Cody was stripping along with him! They then proceeded to run across the yard, and into the barn and back out again, and they loved it! Those darn clothes are so restricting!

Ahh, the joy of Freedom!!

Doesn't this face say it all? Jaxson is so excited to be "naked" outside!!


This is actually the morning after Cody's 2nd birthday. We had a "Sponge Bob" B-day, so of course my boys had to have Sponge Bob pj's! They were so ugly I thought they were cute! Anyway, Aunt Sally gave Cody this awesome bubble toy for his birthday and both of my boys loved it!! They had so much fun and were laughing so hard at the bubbles, and at each other! Cody even tried to eat a few! YUM!