Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Going Private!!!!

Well, I guess it's that time! With all the stuff on the news, and all the weird things that have been happening in the blogging world, it's time for us to take this to just the people we know! I would love to let anyone and everyone that wants to keep visiting our blog, do just that, but I need to know who you are! You know the drill! I'll wait a week or two, and then it's by invitation only!! Thanks for everything!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Very Cute Cowboy, and One Very Scary Pirate!

I had so much fun this Halloween! My kids make every holiday more fun, but since I'm not a huge Halloween fan, I was surprised by how much fun we had this year! We hit the Trunk-or-Treat at the Erda Drive In first. The people that own the Drive in let everyone in Erda come every Halloween. There is a costume contest, and contest for the "Best Trunk". All the kids wear their costumes, there is a costume parade, and then the kids are set loose to trick or treat. They serve Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, and when the trick or treating is done, everyone climbs in their cars, we get to watch a movie! I lost my camera for a short period of time, so I didn't get any pictures of Trunk or Treat! Bummer!

However! I did get pictures of Halloween! Cody dressed up as a pirate, and Bo was an oh-so-cute Cowboy!

Cory did their make-up! Way to go dad! (He thought my mustache's weren't manly enough!)

Cody had to get some jumpin in before the trick-or-treating...

And Bo had to get some "daddy time" in while he was waiting!
Finally, it was time...Cory had taken Cody to check his traps (an entry for the "Cory Chronicles") so Bo and Grandpa got started without them! This is Bo at his very FIRST house, for his very FIRST Trick-or-Treat!
He's looking at me like I'm a crazy person!

I think Grandpa looks more excited about the Free Candy than Bo is!

When Cory pulled up, Cody was out of that car and RUNNING to catch up with his brother!! He couldn't believe we didn't wait for him!

He caught up a lot faster than his dad... hee hee!

And here they are the four of them! Bo was totally digging Halloween! Knock on doors and they give you Candy!! Are you kidding? Paradise! On the other hand. Cody loved running from house to house, and he loved knocking on the door, or ringing the door bell, but the minute someone answered, he would totally shrink behind his dad and try to get away from the people! We'll see how he does next year!
We had a great Halloween! But Bring on THANKSGIVING!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

PsyChO dUckS!!!

The other day, my cute sister-in-law invited my boys and I to go to the park with her and her boys to feed the ducks. We thought this sounded like a lot of fun, and the weather was so great we just wanted to be outside.

Holy Psycho Ducks! I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time! These freaking ducks ATTACKED our boys the minute we pulled out the bread! They just run right up to you, and if you don't throw the bread down fast enough, they try to nip it right out of your hands!

Cody thought this was really funny, and he liked teasing the ducks by EATING the bread himself, instead of giving it to them...

The ducks running up to Cody...

Cody would grab some bread and run to see if the ducks would follow him!

This white duck was the biggest freak! He was so aggressive! Cody liked him the best and the duck would chase after Cody, and then Cody would turn and chase after the duck! It was a show down of wills! I still don't know who won!

Unfortunately, Jaxson was not having much fun with these posessed ducks! He hated them! This duck was trying to get his bread and he was screaming, and his mom told me to hurry and take a picture before she rescued him!!!
I'm sorry Jaxson if your scarred for life, but your mom and I laughed really, really hard!
It was a really fun day! Thanks Bells for all the laughs!