Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is for Becky you weirdo!!!

1.Did you date someone from your high school?
2. What kind of car did you drive?
William, the 1976 Ford Station Wagon. The gas pedal used to get stuck down, so we would drive through the parking lot yelling at people to get out of the way. Then my Junior Year my parents gave me a VW Convertible. We made the news in that car!!
3. What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?
Holy Cow, there are just too many to name! I was such a dork!
4. Were you a party animal?
5. Were you considered a flirt?
6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
7. Were you a nerd?
Heck Yes! I was a total nerd! Was.... I guess I still am!
8. Were you on any varsity teams?
Does Drill Team count?
9. Did you get suspended/expelled?
No, but I was in trouble all the time for sluffing. Good Times!
10. Can you still sing the fight song?
Of Course! And may I say, I give it a little Flavor!?
11. Who were your favorite teachers?
I don't remember any! Isn't that awful!? I was hardly there!
12. Where did you sit during lunch?
I was never there for lunch!
13. School Mascot?
14.Did you go to homecoming and with who?
I went, but I don't remember who I went with!!! I'll have to go back through the pics to see...
15. If you could go back and do it again, would you?
I had a lot of fun in High school, but I would really rather die than have to go through that again!
16. What do you remember most about graduation?
I forgot where we went but I remember my friends and I all took a bunch of NO Doz so we were up ALL night! I remember thinking it was fun...
17. Where did you go senior skip day?
I thought every day was senior skip day! I didn't know they had just one day!
18. Have you gained weight since then?
Two babies later, YES!
19. Who was your prom date?
Mike Bauman.
20. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion?
It came and went... I was in Lake Powell, so I didn't go, but I don't think I would have gone.
21. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself?
Don't be such a dork!! hee hee

I need H E L P!!!

We are potty training at the Huntsman House, and it's not going as good as it could! I bought some cool underpants, and Cody loved them. I bought some treats and some little toys and he knows he only gets them when he gets on the potty, and he's doing really well with SITTING on the potty, but so far it's a no go for the actually GOING in the potty! I need some tips, or pointers, or some fresh ideas! This boy is ready to be potty trained, and I am failing him! :0)
Help a Motha out people!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Bo Baby!!!

My baby is finally OnE!!

It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was in the hospital with a new baby! I remember David got home from his mission on a Wednesday, his homecoming was on Sunday, I went to the Dr. on Monday to have my membranes stripped, and I went to the Hospital Tuesday morning to have my baby! It seemed like it all happened so fast!

Cory and I went to the Hospital Tuesday morning around 6:00am to get things started. My mom came to stay with Cody for me, and I was suppose to call her when it was time to push so she could get there in time. I was in labor for about 12 hours. For some reason, I always get stuck at a 5. For the most part, Bo's labor and deliver were awesome. The only glitch was the epidural. I had to get it 4 times before they got it right! Actually, I think if I would have given it a little more time to work the first time, it probably would have been fine, but I was in so much pain! The poor anesthesiologist worked on giving me an epidural for over an hour! The first one wasn't doing anything, the second one made my legs go numb, but I could still feel the contractions, the third one made my head feel like it was going to explode, and the fourth one made my face and hands go numb, but I could still feel the contractions, so finally he put it back where he did it the first time, and it finally worked! But man I was sick! When he came in to give me my epidural, I was dilated to like a four, so when he finally got it right, the nurse told me we would probably have to start some pitocin to get my labor going again because my contractions had slowed down. This didn't seem right, because the whole time the guy was working on my epidural, my contraction were ripping me in two! Well, the nurse checked, and all the sudden she said, oh! Your ready to push! What?!? I was so tired and so worn out from being so sick and hurting so bad I honestly did not have it in me to try and push! I was freezing from sweating so bad so the nurse had to bring me in warm blankets, and when they checked my baby, they said they were worried about his heart because I guess my contraction were squeezing the little guy, so they hurried and gave me a water catheter to help cushion the contractions. Anyway, I had Cory call my mom and tell her to hurry and get there, so she came in right before the doctor did. We had my mom & dad, Cory's mom, Sally, and Cory all in the room waiting for little Bo to get there. David and his friend Carolina were waiting in the hall along with the rest of Cory's family. Finally, it was time to push, and they had given me a little break to rest up before the pushing so I was ready to go. The Doctor said "Give me a big push" so I started pushing, and I wasn't even half way done with my push before the doctor was saying "Stop Pushing! Here he is!" It was awesome! Bo came in a big gush of water (from the water catheter) and he was absolutely beautiful! He was perfect in every way! The nurses gave him a little sugar water to raise is blood sugar levels, but other than that he was healthy and happy and just the perfect baby! He has been such a blessing to our little family, and his sweet spirit just makes me melt! He is mellow and laid back, and he takes everything in stride! We always say he's as good as Cody is naughty! This last year has been so much fun watching him grow and develop. He is so handsome and smart! I am so grateful for him and feel so blessed to be trusted with such a sweet little spirit!

For Bo's birthday, we decided to get in the mood for Halloween, so we had a trick-or-treat birthday! It was a blast and even though I don't think Bo really knew the party was for him, he had a blast! Here some pictures from my babies first birthday!

Happy Birthday Bo Baby!

Bo's birthday dinner was Little Cesar's pizza (his favorite) which you can tell he was totally loving!

My mom is Awesome! She made Bo her famous German Chocolate cake from scratch, and holy cow it was good! Bo lOvEd it!

Cory helped Bo open his presents, and he was really into it....

Then he started to get a little overwhelmed....

And finally, he was just done! He got so many great gifts, but he was just ready to play with them instead of trying to open more!

It was fine with Cody and Jaxson that Bo lost interest, because they just jumped right in and took over where he left off! They were loving Bo's birthday!

Bo got all these great toys, and a bunch of other stuff, but of course, his favorite thing were a pair of "scary eye" glasses! He thought they were hilarious! Of course the rest of us thought they were pretty funny too!

Here he is playing with one of his new toys.

He got a Ball toy that keeps him pretty busy. I'm thinking this will probably be one of MY favorites!

Finally it was time to do the Birthday Cake deal! My mom got these Skull Flashlight things that light up. (You can't really tell in the pictures, but they were really cute!)

We brought the cake into Bo, and he just wanted to touch the candles! It was making me pretty nervous, but he didn't burn himself! He just liked his cake a lot!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to him and then just sat there...

We waited for him to blow out the candle, and we tried to show him how to do it, but he just wasn't getting it! So dad did it for him!

I don't know who was more excited about the cake, Bo or Cory! I think this picture is darling!

Cody got a hold of someones cake and those glasses, and the combo just cracked me up!

Bo liked playing with the skull flashlight as much as his toys!

All that playing and eating makes a little boy thirsty! Trust Grandpa to always have a big glass of water handy!

And getting to drink it all by himself is even better!!

Cory enjoying his two buddies...

Bo showing off his moves...

It was an awesome birthday! Thank you everyone for taking the time to come celebrate with us! Bo had a blast!

Happy Birthday Bo Daniel!

Three Peas in a Pod...

Rob & Heather brought Karlee up for a quick trip. It is always fun to see them, and Karlee is just darling. She is growing so FAST! I think her and Bo are neck & neck in size, and she's four months younger! She is just all smiles, and she puts my boys in there place! We just love her!

Grandpa never misses an opportunity to get his picture taken with any of his grand kids! And when he has all three (even though Cody is not in this picture) he is a happy camper!

Getting them all to smile at the same time is a different story, but I think it worked out this time! They were all having such a good time!

Robbie was trying to get them to smile by singing "Sponge Bob Square Pants" Apparently this is a regular thing in the Weston household, so Karlee was thoroughly enjoying her dad's musical abilities, Bo on the other hand was looking at him like "What the Heck are you doing?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just goin' for a Sunday Stroll...

Cody got this trike for Christmas and he has loved it, but lately, his favorite thing is to be the "pusher"! He makes his brother get on so he can push him. It makes me a little nervous going down the driveway, but once he's on flat ground they both love it!

They were distracted by a plane that flew over us. They love those too!

Bo thinks he's riding all by himself! I don't think he gets that you have to use the pedals, and he doesn't realize that Cody is the one getting them to move! Nevertheless, he is thoroughly entertained!

Concentrating really hard on what they doing. I am trying to get them to stay on the sidewalk, but that just isn't good enough for my danger boys! They just want to be in the street!

Grandpa stepped in to help them get over the curb. They were having so much fun together, it's moments like this, when they are both so happy and having so much fun together that I just want time to stop and I just want them to always be good friends!

I hope they are always buddies! It seems like the only time Cody is interested in Bo is when Bo is doing exactly what Cody wants him to do! Do they ever grow out of that?

Somebody's FABULOUS!!!!

Aunt Sally came out to dinner on Sunday, and she was wearing this colorful scarf, and for some reason (should I be worried?) Cody Loved it!! He kept pulling it off her and running away with it, finally, Sally just took it off and put it on Cody! He only wore it long enough for me to take a few pics, but it looked really funny on him!

He just thought he was so funny in his Scarf of many colors!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BuBbLe RoCk!

This is the famous "Bubble Rock" (courtesy of Yard Envy Landscaping)
My boys LOVE going over to Grandma Jill's to play and they LOVE playing in the bubble rock! Cody drinks out of it, but Bo puts his whole self into it...

This is just the beginning! Right when we get there, the first thing he does is crawl over to play in the water...

Starting to get into it... (notice he's eating the rocks!)

Shoving the rocks in his mouth...

He was shoving the rocks in his mouth as fast as I was taking them out!

So, I get him away from the bubble rock, strip him down, and dry him off. I put him down and what does he do? Heads right back over to the dang rock! But sitting next to it isn't good enough anymore! He has to climb on top of it!

Pulling himself up on top of the rock!

Looking at me to make sure I'm not coming to make him get off of the rock...

He spit his plug out so he could drink from the rock...

He looked up at me to see if I was still watching, and making sure I'm still not coming!

Showing me his "plugging the hole" trick! He would plug the water hole with his hand and make the water squirt everywhere and then he would laugh at his funny little trick!

Showing off and acting like a big boy!

**If you are interested in a bubble rock (oh so fun) my brother-in-law is the owner/operator of Yard Envy! Yeah... He can hook you up!

The Mayan...

I had a bunch of errands to run in Salt Lake today and my sister-in-law Anne was nice enough to come with me and let me drag her from one end of town to the other! Toting along two little boys under the age of 2 is not that easy, so it's always nice to have another set of hands. We ended up going to the Mayan for Lunch and holy cow it was a blast! My boys loved it, and I think Anne & I had a good time too!

Here is Bo before the show actually started...

The divers getting ready...

Cody was in Awe! He could not believe that they jumped off the wall and went head first into the water! He loved, loved, loved the splash!

He tried to climb over the fence. He wanted to go swimming too!

He watched every second of the show, and he could not believe that they could climb the wall! (My camera was acting funny so the picture is kind of blurry, but there is a person on the wall!)

Bo couldn't take his eyes off the divers either! Total concentration!

Cody waiting for them to jump again!

So excited that they landed in the water and splashed him!

The performers beating there drums for rain...

Thanks Anne for the fun day and for all your help! SUCCESS!