Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Baby

I don't know if there is anything better than hearing your child's little heartbeat for the first time. I got to today.

After October, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to feel that same excitement about having a baby again, you forget what a miracle it is to get these little ones here, and sometimes you take it for granted, so when something horrible happens, even if it's in the odds, it feels like the end of the world. It is. And it's hard to look forward and be excited about it, when in the back of your mind the entire time are those horrible little words: What.If.

Then you get up the courage to try again, and month after month it's the same. Still no baby.
So then your mind starts to wonder, "maybe it's just not in the cards for us to have more kids." We looked at our options, but given the financial strain of some of them, and the fact that we had two healthy strong children, we decided we would try one more time and then we would have to accept whatever happened. It's an emotional roller-coaster.

We were thrilled when we found out we were expecting again, but it has been hard to get too excited. But today, when I heard that beautiful thump, thump, thump, it is absolutely impossible to NOT get excited. It is another miracle, and I am thrilled.

We are not all the way out of the woods just yet. Baby is doing great, but mom:
(stupid cervix!) There are a few things we have to keep an eye on, and there will be a few more Dr. visits, and few more ultra-sounds, but I really think everything is going to be fine.

Baby is due 12-07-10
I know! Another December Birthday!
I'll Take it!

Kids say the Darndest things!

I realized that I haven't really been documenting the things that come out of the mouths of my children, they are so funny that I don't want to forget!

Cody: Mom your a water buffalo!
Me: What?! Why am I a water buffalo!
(if he says cause you look like one, I'm going to smack him!)
Cody: I am a Kimodo Dragon, and I eat you!

Me: Hey Bo! Guess What?!
(not really expecting a response)
Bo: WHHAAT! (emphasis on the T)
It stopped there. I just busted up laughing!

Me: Cody lets say your prayers and go to bed.
Cody: (without any help from me)
Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, please bless mom, please bless dad, please bless bo bo, please bless baby, and please bless old macdonald's
in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
(Old MacDonald's is McDonald's!)

Bo: Hey Look!!!
Me: what?
Bo: Cow... E-I-E-I-O
(even if there is not a cow anywhere to be seen!)

Cody is really into know what everything eats. He knows deer, mountain lions, bears, whales, polar bears, birds, etc. He knows all the animals! But it doesn't just stop there. He likes to know what the people in our family eat as well, extended family included, some of his answers are pretty funny, but this one made me laugh out loud!
Cory: Hey Cody, what does mommy eat?
Cody: Ummmm. Oh Oh I know! COKE!!
Hmmm. Well, I can't really argue with that! :)

I'll have to post more as I think of them. Personally, I think my kids are freaking hilarious!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Code Man Hits the Big 4!

I can NOT believe I have a baby that is old enough to be FOUR!

We celebrated Cody's 4th Birthday on April 25th. There is an absolutely AWESOME park by our house that has everything you could ever want... Awesome Playground, tons of slides, great swings, an arena to ride horses, a fire pit to roast mallows, a sand volleyball court, a field good for any sport, and the best part... OFF the road, and completely fenced in!!! Every time we go there, I think I fall more in love with it. Perfect for a fabulous 4 party!

The closer it got to Cody's birthday, the more excited he got. I would ask what kind of party he wanted, and from the get-go it was to be a "dragon" party. (He's a little obsessed with "How to train your dragon") Not only was he to have a dragon party, but when I asked what kind of cake he wanted, it was Dragon!

You think 'Dragon' would be specific enough for this kid. Nope. For weeks he said he wanted a WHITE cake. White. I don't know when this kid had a white cake, but he was adamant that it had to be white. When I asked what color frosting, he was as sure as the rest, YELLOW. So, here you have it...

A White Cake, Yellow Dragon!

My mom is seriously the most talented person I know! Not only did she slave away to make Cody his yellow dragon out of white cake, but she was as excited about it as Cody was! What a sweet Grandma! (You know this would not have happened without you mom!)

Cody's first time seeing his Dragon! I think the picture says it all!

I love this picture of Cody and Jax. How sweet do these two boys look?

Cody got all the plates and napkins (anything 'dragon' really) and lined it all up so he could just look at it. Love this kid!

And finally... The poor boy just couldn't take it anymore! He just had to have a bite! I was worried when I saw how awesome his cake was that he was not going to let us cut into it. Really, we were figuring out how long it would take us to whip up some cupcakes to give everyone if it came to that!

And my favorite line of the night (from Jaxson) "Cody, can you save some for the rest of us?" He was so worried when he saw his cousin diggin' in that there wouldn't be any left for him!

It was a little windy, so the blowing out of the candles was a little tricky. And the dragon had taken a hit by then!

"A Red Rider BB Gun with a scope and this little thingy which tells time!" -Ralphie

Chad, Anne, & Zach all went in on the ultimate gift! The BB gun. I don't know who was more excited about it, Cody, or Cory!

And here he is trying it out for the first time. He shot a paper cup! Bulls EYE!

Cody would open a present, and be so excited about it, that he just wanted to play with whatever it was. So he would leave to do just that. Jaxson on the other hand, was so excited to see what he got that he kept getting him and hauling him back to the presents to open the next one! These two just crack me up!

Another favorite moment: Everyone is busy talking and chatting and seeing what else Cody got, etc. And I look over and see this! Mark snatched his turn with the BB gun and was getting a little target practice in. Still makes me chuckle. Boys and there toys!

How cute is that?! And how do boys just know how to do this stuff? It's got to be hereditary!

Don't they look like professionals? And they take it so serious! :)
What would a Cody party be without animals? Cory was sweet enough to haul our horses over to the park so we could ride. (and when I say "we", I mean everyone but me!)
Sally in all her Cowgirl Glory!

Grandpa made the mistake of putting Bo in the swing! Once he gets in there, there is no getting him out again. SUCKAH! (Kidding. Actually, THANK YOU!)

Yeah. Days of '47 Better Watch it!

Anne & Chad wanted a little "sweetheart ride" it was so cute. Until Cory started trying to shoot Chad's horse in the butt with the BB Gun! (Don't worry, he missed the horse, but I think he might have hit Chad!)

And Grandma can't be left out!

Bo was running from one thing to the next just as fast as those little legs could carry him.

Kimberly's turn on the ol' grey.

Everyone had a turn on a horse, Cory chased Zach like the steer wrestlers chase those steers, and I do not think that Cody stopped smiling from the second we got there. It was a blast of a party, and my little boy is just growing up too fast.

Cody finished his dragon to the last drop! He was one happy boy.
Cody you are such a fun little boy! I am so happy I get to be your mommy. You make me laugh a million times a day, and you are the sweetest most considerate boy I know. You look out for your little brother, and you stick up for me. You have a tender little heart and big personality. Cody we love you so so much, and are so grateful you are part of our family!
Happy Birthday!